Share Data

1. Share Your File or Folder


Make a single file available or an entire folder and send automatically by entering an email address or manually share a link. Mix any type of file including Word, Excel PDF, Images and more.

2. Choose Sharing Rights


Choose if you would like the recipient to only be able to upload files, only view files or edit files. Also choose how long access is available.

3. Secure With A Password


Simply check a box to secure the area being shared. This will auto generate a password and deliver it to the recipient.

4. Automated Communication


Your client will receive a branded message from you with a button to press and open the files. Add custom text to this message if required.

5. Easy Client Access


Offer OIS Drive with confidence that it is easily accessible from any type of device whilst also maintaining high levels of security at all times.

6. Fully Informed


Be the first to know when a customer uploads or edits files via an automated email message. It will also be logged in your history.

Request Data


1. Create An Upload Only Sharing Request

Use the share widget, enter your client's email address and select "upload only" so that the client can only upload data. A link is automatically created and emailed to your client along with a separate message with a generated one time password. You can add notes if you need to further personalise the email message.


2. Automate Professional Communication

Your clients will receive an email message with your company branding that is personalised with the name of the agent requesting information. The client simply needs to click the "Open" link to access the upload area. An additional automated message with a one time password is also provided to further secure access.


3. Simple Yet Secure Access

One signed in your client will be able to share sensitive information with you by selecting the files to upload from file explorer, dragging and dropping the file onto the page or if on a mobile/tablet they can even take a picture, such as a signed document, to instantly upload.

When files are added you will get an email notification.

Add Your Brand

Brand The Entire Solution!


Use your colour scheme and your branding throughout the login page, web app and automated email messages to provide a familiar and professional solution to your clients.

From OIS Drive to Your Brand......


In A Few Clicks!