Secure Cloud Storage

Send & Receive Files Securely With OIS Drive


Request Sensitive Information

Provide your clients with access to a company branded secure area so they can upload sensitive information. The information is then made available through OIS Drive with End to End Encryption.

Share Sensitive Information

Provide secure protection for a set of files that you need your clients to check, update or accept. Once time password creation and access expiration is all handled automatically.

Automatic Notification

Receive automated notifications via email when a client has completed a form or updated information of uploaded required documents

Who Uses OIS Drive?

Insurance Brokers

Do you provide car, health, life and other policies as an independent broker? Provide your clients with access to a secure portal in your branding to return sensitive information to you, return a scanned document or fill out a required form for a policy.


Financial Advisors

Are you providing investment, savings and other solutions tailored to your client's financial status? No doubt they will be providing you with sensitive information. Don't collect it via an unsecured email or slow up the process asking for a paper copy. Use OIS Drive.


Mortgage Brokers

Do you provide a mortgage advice and broker service? If so you will be required to collect sensitive information such as payslips, P60s, names, addresses and more. Allow your customers to return this to you in the most secure way using OIS Drive.



Do you need to collect sensitive information from your clients such as proof of funds, names, addresses, contact details etc for legal matters or property purchases? Improve your data security and speed up the flow of information using OIS Drive. 



Do you need to collect and return accounts data to/from your clients? Do paper copies take up too much time to collect or deliver? Email not a secure method? Provide each of your clients with access to an encrypted file upload solution using OIS Drive instead.


And More

OIS Drive is able to benefit any organisation that needs to send and receive sensitive information to clients, colleagues or partners. Other sectors using OIS Drive include Healthcare, Education, Not For Profit, Local Government and SME.


Customise OIS Drive with your branding

How Does It Work?

OIS Drive is so simple to use for both agents, administrators and customers. It is simply the most secure way to share information between you and your customers.

Check out our demonstration video to see how easy it is to provide peace of mind for you and your customers.